Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Latitude D630 docked external mouse & keyboard not responding

I offer three possible solutions here.. 
First attempt.
Undock your laptop, disconnect keyboard and mouse from dock and unplug your docking station from electric outlet please do this carefully. now plug everything back again, power on using the docking station. is it working? yes! Great. No... lets make sure your mouse and keyboard work properly by connecting one at the time direclty to your laptop. (meaning direclty to your laptop using one of the side usb adapters) do they work? Yes, Great! lets continue.
Second attempt.
Step one, make sure there is power running to your docking station by looking at the power button on your docking station, there should be green light. If the docking station has power:
Make sure power is off for both the laptop and the docking station. Plug your usb mouse and keyboard into the docking station. Dock the Laptop to the docking station and then power on using the docking station. This should then turn on your laptop on. the laptop should detect both keyboard and mouse. working yet? Yes? Great! No?... lets continue
Third attempt;
Undocked your laptop and then power on without docking station , login, and make sure to have a fully charge battery or connect power adapter to laptop.  I dont like to work without enough power :)
Right click to my computer and go to properties or go to start menu | settings | control panel | System. Select Hardware and click on Hardware Profiles, another window will pop up and show two or more hardware profiles. Highlight Docked Profile and click delete. Yes thats what I am trying to do recreate the Dock Hardware profile. Shutdown your computer and then dock your laptop and power it on by using the docking station. login as your normally would to windows and give it few minutes to recreate the hardware profile. (note: if you hardware profile is grayout, meaning you can not delete it, that means that you are currently using that hardware profile). this is how I fixed this problem today. keyboard and mouse work after re-creating DOCKED hardware profile.

No green light on docking station? check power adapter to your electric outlet, is it plug in?. If it is and no green light, perhaps is time to buy a new power adapter. you can find inexpensive power adapers in the internet like eBay, etc.  Thank you and Good Luck.